Recent Work

Selected English to Spanish Translations

Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, BC)

  • Responsible Minerals Sector Initiative Dialogue Series. Mexico,Canada and the Mineral Sector: Responsibility and Sustainability
    Challenges and Opportunities (2011) and Global Exploration,

    Mining and Minerals in 2020 (2012). 10,000 words

WDCS International (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society)

  • EU Zoo Inquiry 2011 – Dolphinaria. A review of the keeping of whales
    and dolphins in captivity in the European Union and EC Directive 1999/22,
    relating to the keeping of wild animals in zoos. 16,500 words

RESCAN Environmental Services, Ltd. (Vancouver, BC)

    • Agua Rica Project (Argentina) – Multiple aspects of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (175,000 words):


      • Alteration of Land Cover
      • Analysis of Pit Diversions
      • Contingency Plans
      • Environmental Effects
      • Feasibility Study
      • Geohazard and Risk Assessment
      • Landscape, Soils and Vegetation
      • Plant Site Waste Tailings Report
      • Seismic Hazard Analysis
      • Sediment Modeling
      • Sensory Disturbance
      • Social and Environmental Issues Scoping
      • Wildlife Baseline Studies

Pueblo Viejo Project (Dominican Republic) – Multiple aspects of Environmental
and Social Impact Assessments (318,000 words):

      • Biodiversity Initiative
      • Building Abatement and Soil Sampling
      • Cyanide Management Plan
      • Environmental Management Plans
      • Expert Opinion on Impact of Noise on Manatees
      • Geochemical Characterization
      • Integrated Pest Management Plan
      • Public Consultation and Disclosure Plan
      • Risk Analysis and Contingency Plan
      • Social and Environmental Issues Scoping
      • Social Management Plan
      • Wildlife and Vegetation Baseline Studies
      • Wildlife and Vegetation Management Plans

Cruces River Nature Sanctuary Project (Chile).
Recent Changes in the Rí­o Cruces: Evaluation of Hypotheses. Prepared by Rescan Environmental Services Ltd: 78,000 words

Selected Spanish to English Translations

CETUS Research & Conservation Society (Victoria, BC)

  • Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico. Best Management Practices and Whale-watching Guidelines in Mexico. Official Norms, 1998. 3,000 words

KAI Marine Services (Madrid, Spain)

  • Marine expeditions 2011, brochures and website. 3,500 words

RESCAN Environmental Services, Ltd. (Vancouver, BC)

    • Agua Rica Project (Argentina)
      • Wildlife and Vegetation Baseline Studies. 7,400 words

Cruces River Nature Sanctuary Project – (Chile)

      • Analysis of Physical, Chemical and Biological Indicator Levels in the Cruces River. Freshwater Quality Study, Universidad Austral Final Report. 15,500 words
      • Toxicological Analysis of Exceedances in the Cruces River. Prepared by Laura Borgel y Cía, Ltda. 6,250 words

Pasca-Lama Project (Argentina and Chile)

      • Environmental Regulations
      • Environmental Monitoring Program
      • Hydrology and Bioindicators
      • Water Quality Study (Universidad de San Juan)
      • Wildlife Home-Range and Diet Studies
      • Wildlife Management Plan

Pueblo Viejo Project (Dominican Republic) – Quarterly Envirnmental and Social Reports to Lenders (over 100,000 words), including:

    • Archaeology Action Plan
    • Air Quality Management Plan
    • Biodiversity Management Plan
    • Environmental Management System
    • Protected Species, Soil and Revegetation
    • Waste Management Plan
    • Water Quality Monitoring Program
    • Wildlife and Vegetation Monitoring Plans