Academic Services

Academic Translation Services

I provide professional, high-quality English/Spanish bi-directional translation of a broad range of documents. I can bring to you, your company or your organization a fluid knowledge and understanding of scientific and technical jargon in both languages. I am very familiar with (and not limited to) biological, environmental, ecological, zoological, botanical, geophysical, archaeological, sociological, and psychological terms and concepts.

English to Spanish Scientific Translation Services

The translation of scientific books and original articles, often written in English, into other languages is an essential need in today`s globalized world. EXACTA Science Translation brings extensive scientific experience, precision, and reliability to scientific and technical translations from English into Spanish.

For each project, I perform comprehensive bibliographical research in order to create a glossary of terms that have already been utilized in other publications, in an effort to keep consistency in meaning and usage.

Spanish to English Scientific Translation Services

Never underestimate the importance of communicating your science well. Mastering the English language to write academic papers can be challenging. If you are a researcher whose native language is Spanish, you might choose to write your scientific manuscript, journal article, grant proposal, or dissertation in Spanish in order to concentrate on the scientific content. When you are ready to submit your manuscript or publish your research in an English journal, EXACTA Science Translation can help. I translate scientific documents from Spanish into English, ensuring that they meet the language standards expected of academic English writing, free of errors in usage or style. My extensive academic background and familiarity with a wide range of scientific disciplines means that you can trust not only that the terminology will be translated appropriately, but that the overall message of the paper is not lost in translation.