Corporate Services

Scientific and Technical Translation Services for Companies and Industries

I provide professional, high-quality English/Spanish bi-directional translation of a broad range of documents. I can bring to you, your company or your organization a fluid knowledge and understanding of scientific and technical jargon in both languages. I am very familiar with (and not limited to) biological, environmental, ecological, zoological, botanical, geophysical, archaeological, sociological, and psychological terms and concepts.

I translate all aspects of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (EIA) and feasibility studies from English into Spanish and vice versa. My bi-directional translating skills can be helpful if your company or organization works with frequent documents in either language, as is often the case with environmental consulting companies in North America and their Latin American industry clients. Because of my extensive science background and familiarity with scientific and technical terms in both languages you can be confident that baseline and feasibility studies, wildlife and vegetation monitoring and management plans, water and air quality studies, waste and noise management plans, public consultation plans, risk analyses and expert opinions, all integral aspects of EIA reports, are accurately translated.