As a former academic advisor and colleague of Valeria’s, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with her on a number of writing projects, including two co-authored scientific papers. As a native Spanish speaker, she has a remarkable ability to write eloquently, accurately and concisely in English. Her writing is natural, quick and efficient, she is scrupulous about accuracy of both technical details and nuances, and she is very conscientious about meeting deadlines. I recommend her unreservedly both for translation work and for scientific writing in general.

Lance Barrett-Lennard, PhD

Head, Cetacean Research Program
Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre
Vancouver BC

I have had the privilege to employ Valeria Vergara since 2006. Valeria has demonstrated a perfect command of both English and Spanish in the bi-directional translation process involved in Environmental Impact Assessments for Latin-American environmental authorities. She has ample knowledge of technical terms in both languages due to her work experience both in English speaking countries and in Latin America. This makes her a fast translator, and facilitates her ability to work under pressure to meet strict deadlines. I am very happy with her translation work for our company, she is a reliable and qualified professional.

Rodolfo Baca, P. Eng.
Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.
Vancouver BC

For eight years, I worked closely with Valeria Vergara as co-supervisor of her PhD program. Although she still speaks with a Spanish accent, she certainly does not write with one! She is a superb writer who is sensitive not only to the fundamental mechanics of English prose, but to its subtleties. Valeria is also unusually able to describe what “works” for her as a reader and communicate that clearly, increasing her value as an editor and translator. Considering all of the writers I have worked with professionally, including both advanced graduate students and professors in many disciplines, Valeria is one of the very best.

Lee Gass, Professor Emeritus
Department of Zoology, UBC
Vancouver BC

Excellent work Valeria. Your professionalism and agility greatly facilitate our tasks. Thank you for your excellent attention to detail. What a blessing to have found you!

Ana Tejedor Arceredillo
Executive Director, KAI Marine Services
Madrid Spain

Valeria, thank you very much for your excellent and well researched translation of our report. Despite the very short deadline for the delivery of the translation, you paid great attention to every detail of the report and worked in a highly professional manner. Thank you for your interest, you time and your effort, it was a pleasure to work with you.

Ruth Gründler
WDCS – Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
Munich Germany